Have a look at out our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and learn a little more about Power In Discussion.

Power In Discussion

We are a platform which creates space  for meaningful discussion, on just about any topic people feel passionately about, or are affected by.  Broadly speaking, topics may include  LGBTQ+ matters, community,  mental/physical health and wellbeing, identity and experiences of African- Caribbean people.

We create online  discussion through our blogs and social media post and then take the meaningful conversations to our live events.   A sense of community is created where people are able to discuss, normalise  experiences  and provide visibility in a shared physical space.

Most events follow a similar format; topical panel discussions  where  the  audience have the opportunity  interact with  panellists, natural opportunities for networking  with others and an entertainment interlude (live music or spoken word poetry).

We  also  host and facilitate a range of discussions at the venue of your choosing (schools, college workplace etc.)  and tailor interactive workshops to your specific needs.

No. Whilst our aim  is to create platforms for discussion  for underrepresented groups, we understand  that having the opportunity to talk through experiences can be positive for all. We aim to facilitate discussions and workshops  on a range of issues which affect people from all backgrounds. 

As a way of creating an environment where people feel able share and be heard, in a safe environment, some events may be specifically targeted to a particular audience . This will be made clear on all promotional material.

We are always looking for people to contribute to the discussions. Send us an email or get in touch via our social media pages if you would  like to be a panellist for a discussion, wish to volunteer to an event or you would  like to create content for our online discussions (blogs).

Creating a safe space for discussion is at the heart of what we do. Our panellists and hosts are briefed about our ‘Mindful Discussions’ prior to any event. This is a set of expectations for engagement with co-panellists as well as the audience. This information is shared as part of our promotional material and revisited throughout the event.   

Whilst we do not wish to heavily sensor people’s voices, we recognise that there is a responsibility which comes with public speaking. All attendees are reminded  that swearing,  transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic, racist or other derogatory language is not tolerated.

We also remind all participants at our events (panellists and audience) to engage in ‘self care’ when sharing their story/experience. Some discussions may bring about emotions which are difficult to manage in public setting and we actively encourage people to create boundaries about what they share.  We encourage people to be mindful of their own mental wellbeing at an event.  Strategies people may  consider may include, but not exclusive to,  talking through difficult experiences  with someone they trust prior to or after an event.  We remind participants of available services where they can speak to people who are trained to listen such as Samaritans Helpline (116 123) and Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) (0800 58 58 58) (5pm-midnight every day) if you identify as male.

Yes. We have worked with The Higgins Bedford and Bedford Borough Council to curate Power In Discussion events. We have also worked with a number of schools and further education settings where we have provided interactive discussions.

Get it in touch if there are projects or events you would like to collaborate on.

Any More Questions?

If you have any more questions you would like answered, please contact us through our contact page below or email info@powerindiscussion.co.uk and we will answer your question.