Creating physical space for meaningful discussion

BHM #InDiscussion
October 2018

As part of The Higgins Bedford African and Caribbean Heritage Day, Power In Discussion curated three panel discussions  which focussed on ‘community discussion’ . ‘ D for Diversity ?’ , ‘Black & Glorious’ and ‘ The Generation Gap’ gave way for excellent conversation, networking and a celebration of African-Caribbean identity.  

The Legacy
October 2018

For this interactive discussion held at Kempston Challenger Academy,  we focussed on the positive impact  Black Britons have had on British society, highlighting current and historical figures who are often erased from conversations. The feedback for this event was overwhelming.

East London Arts and Music (ELAM)
February 2018

We provided an interactive talk to over 200 young people at East London Arts and Music (ELAM) .  Topics included ‘self discovery’, the importance of  Black LGBTQ+ visibility  and broadening our ideas on what it means to be successful! 

May 2018

Held at The Third Place, the intimate bar setting created the perfect space to be entertained by spoken word poetry,stripped back hip-hop and two discussions ! Attendees found out more about our brand and engaged in discussions related to Mental Health Awareness Week 2018.

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What happens at an event ?

Power In Discussion events are an opportunity to bring meaningful conversations off-line and into the community.

The discussions we curate are relevant, topical and often considered ‘necessary’ to the people involved. We select  individuals to share their views, experiences and knowledge as part of our panel discussions.

Our events boast a chilled, relaxed and inclusive environment where the audience are able to engage in a conversation with other listeners, panellists to share experiences, problem solve and connect.

As well as creating space for thought-provoking discussion we are also keen for you to be entertained. Whether it’s live music, spoken word poetry, or both, we are  passionate about showcasing local talent at our events.