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Digital and Physical Platforms for Discussion

For many, online communication is  a normal  part of daily interaction. It’s often the  starting point for encouraging conversations for someone struggling with their identity or  feeling alone with their experiences.  At Power In Discussion we also understand the importance of sharing a physical space for discussion .

Our  primary focus is to create  safe spaces (online/offline) for  meaningful conversations for those who are often silenced or erased from wider discussions.  A sense of community is created through events where people are able to discuss, normalise  experiences  and provide visibility in a shared physical space. We recognise that there can be a  positive impact on our  wellbeing when we create  space (digital or physical) for quality discussion and interaction!

Through bespoke workshops and  discussions we aim to provide an  inclusive environment  where, together,  we raise the  visibility of a number of social issues  including; LGBTQ+ matters, community, diversity and inclusion, mental and physical health, wellbeing, identity and experiences of African- Caribbean communities.

We  host and facilitate a range of discussions at the venue of your choosing (schools, college workplace etc.)  and tailor interactive workshops to your specific needs.

Power In Discussion has worked  in partnership with The Higgins Bedford  to curate and host  a number of  Black History Month events,  aiming to  create a safe space for discussion and highlighting the contributions of the local Black community. These hugely  successful events have had the support of  local  radio (BBC 3 Counties Radio), with discussions being broadcast as  part of their Black History Month content.

Most events follow a similar format; topical panel discussions  where  the  audience have the opportunity  interact with  panellists, natural opportunities for networking and a generous helping of  entertainment (live music or spoken word poetry ! )

Our community focus means that we also  host and facilitate a range of  bespoke  discussions and interactive workshops for various community groups, schools, colleges and places of employment.

Connect.. Discuss.. Be Heard

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